Measuring for your Back Graphic

To determine the width of your back graphic measure your window at the widest point.


To determine the height of your back graphic measure you window at the tallest point.


Once you have determined the size of the window where the graphic is to be applied you can pick from one of the 3 sizes that we offer:

  • 65"w x 30"h
  • 65"w x 20"h
  • 54"w x 16"h

If the size of your window isn't listed above then we recommend that you order the size that is larger than you require so you can trim off the excess material. This will ensure a neat finish. Need a custom size? why not contact us

Please keep in mind the size of your window when designing your back graphic or customizing one of our pre-made designs. You will want to ensure that no text or graphics exceed the dimensions of your window, e.g. if your window is 60"w x 25"h you will need to order a 65"w x 30" graphic but make sure any text or graphics are no wider than 58"w x 23"h.

Need help designing your graphic? We have a highly skilled graphics department ready to help. Please note additional fee's may apply.

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